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The growth and development of Kakkanad, perhaps the most happening place in Kochi from the point of view of the housing, is being joyously sung by the Kochi realtors in the city as their most affectionate lullaby. Kakkanad is undoubtedly grabbing all the attention. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that this hilly terrain has taken the center stage of all real estate activities happening in the commercial capital of the state.

Interestingly, it was only in the recent past that Kakkanad has magnificently turned out to be a hub where both the commercial and residential constructions are taking place with equal tempo. It’s also true that very few locations both within and in the periphery of Kochi are witnessing such eccentric activities in the field of construction. The reasons for this unusual development are many. Predominantly it is a fine combination of convenience and comfort that has converted Kakkanad into a focal point of both the builders and commoners.

Kochi RealtorsThe memories of Kakkanad, for the previous generation of people, are that of a nondescript village, sparsely populated with literally no means of public amenities to look up to. Such was the state of affairs in Kakkanad, even in the early eighties, that people ranked Kakkanad as one of the most undesirable places around especially for housing purposes. But in a matter of less than a decade, the destiny of Kakkanad took a total turnaround, making it a hot destination in Kochi.

The fortunes of Kakkanad began to change with the shifting of Civil Station, headquarters of city administration, from Ernakulam to Kakkanad. And with the Civil Station becoming a reality, the maiden cornerstone of the sustained development of Kakkanad was laid which was soon followed by the Special Economic Processing Zone (SEPZ) which brought Kakkanad into the commercial map of the nation. The western part of the city has already attained saturation in terms of land availability and now the eastern side of the city is poised for a major expansion… Today Kakkanad is rated as one of the hottest places not only in the city but also across the state and several major corporate houses including MNCs are eyeing Kakkanad as their future destination. Centers like Kinfra Park, Info Park, and Fashion City are taking Kakkanad to such heights of glory, in a manner which no one could ever dream of.

Joy of Building

Once the Smart City project becomes a reality, the whole region of Kakkanad will get both national and international recognition. Resultantly, for most of the city-based builders and real estate developers Kakkanad has become a most sought-after destination. Things have come to such a point that almost all reputed builders have at least one project either completed or in the pipeline in and around this region.

The building splurge began with apartments in the early nineties and soon the construction of independent villas became the vogue. And today the concept of townships is making their presence felt here.”Kakkanad is bound to develop manifold in the years to come.

Be it for a residential or commercial purpose, the future of real estate industry lies in and around Kakkanad. Kakkanad has a fine combination of both modern and traditional ambiance and this is why more and more NRIs and non-Malayalis are opting to settle down in this part of the city.

The proximity to seaport airport road and National Highway 47 have also given an impetus to the growth and development of Kakkanad. Several proposed projects surrounding this hilly region have further intensified the value of the place into mercurial levels. Besides, this zone is also considered as a pollution free area when compared to many other locations in the city. Easy accessibility to anywhere in the city is an assurance that only Kakkanad can afford to extend.

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